3 Places to Find Homeschool Activities Near You (Outside of Facebook)

I recently took a little poll over on my Instagram asking my fellow homeschool moms where they usually find homeschool activities and events in their area. The overwhelming response was Facebook — no surprise there. After all, the sheer amount of local homeschool groups on Facebook makes it easy to quickly share things to do around town for homeschoolers.

But, what if you’re not on Facebook? Where can you find fun and educational events for your homeschooling family? Here are three tried-and-true places that keep me in-the-know when it comes to finding things to do all year round.

Go Directly to the Source

If you know of some places that you want to visit with your children or just do some googling for places to go, check out their website’s calendar and/or call to see if there are special days for homeschoolers. Personally, I’ve found homeschool days at local museums, science centers, indoor trampoline parks, nature centers, zoos and more. If there aren’t any homeschooler events, contact them and ask if they’d be interested in scheduling some. Many places simply aren’t aware of the needs of their homeschooling community, so let them know. No reason not to try!

Bonus tip: While you’re on their website, sign-up for their e-newsletters where they’ll send upcoming events directly to your inbox. Doing this will save you time by not having to check every month.

Connect with Local Homeschooling Families

Now, this may be obvious, but local homeschooling families are fantastic resources to find activities for homeschooled children that might not even be on Facebook. Chatting it up with other homeschooling mamas in person usually leads to finding new and different activities, classes, and events available to the children that you may not have known about. Word of mouth is very much still a thing in this respect.

E-mail lists are old school, but still a solid place to find leads. In fact, I’m part of a Yahoo group (yes, Yahoo) for local homeschooling families where all types of activities, meet-ups, and events are e-mailed. These don’t come as often as before Facebook became popular, but events are still shared every once in a while.

Lastly, many homeschooling families host their own events, classes, field trips, or meet-ups in their homes or at local establishments. These are usually one-off or less frequent events like a group field trip to a local farm for a “farm day,” or a homeschool mama who’s an art teacher having a make-and-take craft event, or simply an afternoon meet-up at a local park. Normally, you’ll be personally invited by the host, or, in some cases, the event will be open to all homeschoolers. Being connected with nearby homeschooling families will clue you in on these more intimate and unique learning opportunities.

Check Local Bulletin Boards, Parenting Magazines, and Community Activity Guides

When it comes to local happenings, bulletin boards, parenting magazines, and activity guides are great resources to use outside of Facebook. Sure, the same information is probably on Facebook, but not always. Some local places may not be as internet savvy or timely when it comes to advertising their events, so checking the physical places they advertise is the best way to find upcoming events. Be sure to check on a monthly, quarterly, and seasonal basis to be stay informed.

So, now that I’ve shared my tips for finding homeschool activities outside of Facebook, do you have some of your own? Share with me in the comments.

Happy homeschooling! ❤

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