My Favorite Homeschool Mamas to Watch on YouTube

When I was stepping into our homeschool journey, YouTube was one of the first places that gave me a realistic view of how everyday homeschooling families did it. While I started watching for the practical side of homeschooling, I stayed because they taught me that homeschooling is a lifestyle, not just about academics and extracurricular activities. Seeing how to truly integrate homeschooling into everyday life was such a comfort and made me feel like I could do it, too. What a revelation for an inexperienced, yet hopeful new homeschool mama.

I still watch many of the same mamas today, and they continue to inspire me, teach me, make me laugh, make me cry (sometimes), and I wanted to share them with you, just in case you’re not already watching them. Now, it’s not lost on me that I’m not religious person nor am I a White woman, and pretty much all of these mamas are both. I can’t explain why I’m drawn to them other than to say that we are more alike than we are different and limiting myself to only following those who are exactly like me isn’t how I roll.

So, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran homeschooler, religious or an atheist, Black, White or another race, or you’re not even a homeschooler at all, I think you’ll enjoy watching their vlogs and getting to know them and their families.

Sarah from Our Tribe of Many Sarah is a homeschooling mama of nine (baby #10 is due any day!) and shares videos about homeschooling, marriage, and all things food! Her monthly grocery hauls are epic, y’all. Her honest, down to earth personality, and wonderful way of mothering made me instantly love her channel. Oh, and we have actually become internet best friends (issa thing) and will definitely meet in real life one day. Mark my words!

Jamerrill Stewart Jamerrill is a real life, tell it like it is, but in the sweetest way mama of eight children who has homeschooled for over 13 years. She loves classical read alouds, taking daily family hikes in the forest on their property, and freely shares the wisdom she has gained over the years, especially when it comes to making mega freezer meals to save us busy mamas time in the kitchen. Her book, Hope for the Heart of the Homeschool Mom: Encouragement for the Days When Sanity is Limited, helped me so much as a new homeschool mama. Jamerill is one to definitely watch to see how to make the homeschool lifestyle work while still being a mompreneur, wife, and doing all the things. She’s truly an inspiration!

Janelle from Parsnips and Parsimony I have been watching Janelle’s family since about 2015, and they are a shining example of how to live a frugal, yet full life with a large family while homeschooling, gardening, volunteering, and more. Their daily vlogs bring you into their lives and make you feel like one of the family. I enjoy watching the slow and “old-fashioned” way they live their lives as a very close family in upstate New York. It’s always fun to get a peek into how different families live, and Janell’s crew is all about sharing real life, homeschool family life.

Andrea from The Mills Family (formerly the Andrea Mills channel) Andrea was a homeschool mom of nine who was a very special woman. The care she took in her home and family, and the patience she showed her children in her hour-long homeschool day in the life vlogs, set her apart. For a mama with many children, she was so organized, thoughtful, and insightful, and touched so many people through her YouTube channel. Sadly, Andrea suddenly passed away this past summer, but her legacy will live on through her children and her wealth of knowledge available on her channel. R.I.P. Andrea.

Amy Maryon I’ve only been watching Amy’s daily vlogs for about a year, but, let me tell you, this lady is a powerhouse. She’s a homeschool mama of ten and has a “no excuses” attitude when it comes to getting things done. You never know what she’ll be doing on a vlog, from making tons of freezer meals, to doing deep cleanings of her home, to totally redoing her boys’ bedroom in one day (we’re talking painting and laying floors, y’all!), all while using her self-made curriculum with her children still at home. As a veteran homeschooler, her relaxed homeschool approach is refreshing and affirming, and shows that taking a responsive rather than reactive approach to homeschooling actually works.

Candice from Homeschool on the Hill Candice is a homeschooling mama of three, who recently graduated her first son. She shares in-depth curriculum reviews, monthly videos on what they’re reading and what else is happening in their homeschool, and other fun homeschool-focused videos such as collabs with other homeschool mamas and Q&As. Candice’s love for homeschooling shines through in all of her videos. She’s such a gem!

Hana from Pepper and Pine At one time, I was immersed in researching and slowly using the Waldorf method in my homeschool and came upon Hana’s channel. Her Waldorf-inspired homeschool lessons blew me away and continues to do so to this day. The creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into her art projects and unit studies is simply amazing. Hana is also very transparent about how difficult homeschooling can be sometimes, which makes her very relatable and one to admire.

Darci from Darci Isabella Darci is a homeschool mama of ten who is all about minimalism, living simply, and debt-freedom. Her real life, hands-on learning homeschool approach isn’t always the focus of her videos, but you know her children are learning all the time by their work ethic around the house and the way they individually express themselves. There’s a lot of love and support for one another in their family, and it’s evident in her vlogs.

Chloe from Life with Beans Chloe is a young mom of six children, ages 4-7 (three of whom are triplets!), living in Australia. Play-based learning and reading lots of books is their jam. They are by far the most colorful and creative homeschooling family I’ve ever seen, and I love to watch the way Chloe nurtures and encourages learning in each of her children.

So, who are your favorite YouTube homeschool mamas? Share with me in the comments below.

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