Hey! I’m Camille, a wife, mom of three, entrepreneur, and homeschool mentor.

I never thought I’d homeschool, but here I am! I love the challenge and fulfillment homeschooling brings, and can’t imagine the day when all of my children have graduated and left the nest. It’s a good thing I have many, many years before that happens.

I love sharing our homeschooling adventures and the wisdom I learn along the way here on my blog, Instagram and Youtube. I also enjoy helping homeschooling parents elevate beyond limiting thoughts, tap into their intuition, and create the best homeschool experience possible. Learn more about my mentoring program here. Lastly, I’ve recently started my business home organizing and housekeeping business. You can learn more about it here.

Homeschooling isn’t simply about what curriculum to use, what to put in your homeschool room, or about getting your child to read by age 3. It’s not about doing it “right” or moving at a breakneck pace to get the metaphorical boxes checked off.

To me, homeschooling is about something deeper. Relationships, flow, rhythm, tapping into your intuition as a guide, and finding the right balance of fun and learning to keep everyone’s interest. It’s an opportunity to get to know your children on a deeper level, and one in which to get to know yourself more deeply as well.

Homeschooling is an “all day, everyday” experience, and we are always learning, whether it’s during “school time” or not. This blog is not only about the academic lessons of home education, but about the everyday experiences, good and bad, of living the homeschooling lifestyle.

Welcome, and thanks for being here!


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