The Real Reasons Black Families Are Choosing To Homeschool | A Multi-Part Series

Choosing to homeschool is one of the biggest decisions a parent will make. Whether it’s well-researched and planned before a child is born, or if it comes by way of a move, an unfortunate experience at school, or an epiphany by the parent or child, the choice to homeschool is a very personal one. While the initial reasons will evolve over time, at its core, homeschooling is ultimately heart work and the “why” is what motivates and sustains for years to come. In my experience, this is the case for homeschoolers across cultures and continents.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Black homeschoolers, the mainstream media doesn’t understand or want to report the real reasons why we homeschool. Don’t believe me? Google it. 

Article after article, video after video, is focused on Black families primarily choosing to homeschool due to racism. It would be naive to think that the reality of inherent and embedded racism does not play a part in some family’s decision to homeschool. However, the families I know personally and virtually, rarely mention it as a reason, let alone THE reason they decided to homeschool. The media seems to be obsessed with positioning Black homeschooling families in a way that simply isn’t true; it lacks journalistic integrity and is just plain irresponsible. This is not my opinion. This is what actually happened to me and another family.

Recently, myself and a few other Black homeschoolers were contacted by a major media outlet and asked if some of our Youtube footage could be used for a “positive story on the rise in Black homeschoolers.” What actually happened was the complete opposite. You can see my response to the video here. Thankfully, within a couple of days, the video was removed, albeit without explanation or apology, but its effect left the homeschooling community at large shaken. There was outrage, disbelief, and disgust over what happened. Rightly so. For me, it was also a wake up call and an opportunity to change the narrative.

In a new multi-part series here on my blog, I’m amplifying the voices of other Black homeschoolers by sharing their reasons for homeschooling, in their own words. No spin, no agenda, no narrative. All truth. It’s time to put to rest the lies and let these extraordinary families shine. I hope you’ll read, watch, and share our stories.

Click here for Part One

Click here for Part Two

Click here for Part Three

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