Why Every Homeschool Mom Needs a Coach

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When I began homeschooling almost a decade ago, I was barely familiar with the topic of homeschooling, let alone knew anything about a homeschool coach. 

Like most moms who choose to homeschool, I figured I’d join some groups, read a few books, watch YouTube videos, and learn as I went through the trials and tribulations that naturally come with the homeschooling lifestyle. 

I thought it was normal to take the advice of random strangers in the hopes that, even though they didn’t really know my children or me, their wisdom would magically solve any challenges I had or teach me how to homeschool my way.

I could’ve used a veteran presence to walk with me in my first stages of homeschooling. I just didn’t know it.

Even today, as a veteran homeschool mom, I still seek the guidance and wisdom of more experienced homeschoolers I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know on this journey. We often discuss how we wish we would’ve had more help, especially in the beginning, but also as we gained more experience. Being able to lean on, learn from, and be seen and understood by someone further on in the homeschool game is priceless. 

Yet, homeschool coaching is underutilized in the homeschooling community. Why is this happening?

3 Reasons Why Homeschool Coaching Isn’t Popular

For one, homeschool coaching isn’t well-known. Most homeschool moms learn from peers, groups, social media, or books. While all of those methods are valid and practical, they don’t always meet a mom where she is mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically, which can add to the uncertainty she may feel.

Another reason is the old trope of “I can do it all” still holds for many moms. Women are generally conditioned to believe that we can do everything, and should do everything, depending on culture, often by our bad selves. The opposite is true. Suffering doesn’t have to be part of the story, but it is the norm for so many. 

One last reason homeschool coaching isn’t popular is because of the idea that the coaches aren’t on the up-and-up, meaning they don’t deliver on their promises. While rare, there are some homeschool coaches who are, for lack of a better word, scammers. This is a rare occurrence, but word travels fast when someone has a negative experience and tends to stick around for a long time.

A new day

Times have changed and accessing a quality homeschool coach is easier than ever. 

Whatever stage homeschool moms are in on their journey, the right homeschool coach can be a game-changer for their homeschooling efforts and mental health.

3 reasons why every homeschooler needs a homeschool coach


For homeschool moms, having a homeschool coach can be like having a trusted friend who gets them, has been where they are, and can walk the path with them. It can be difficult to find this in homeschool mom friends, so having a coach is a great solution to lessen their worries, boost morale, and spark creativity and productivity. 

Many homeschool moms want this type of companionship but feel they can solider-on alone. It doesn’t have to be that way when homeschool coaches are available to help. 

Guidance & Support

Learning the fundamentals of home education, such as finding a homeschool method that works, making a personalized plan for their homeschool days, and figuring out what to do when their child doesn’t want to learn is something most homeschool moms face at certain times. A homeschool coach can assist with all of these challenges and more.

Homeschool coaches can provide clarity and perspective to help homeschool moms push past mental and emotional blocks that are preventing them from supporting their child’s learning. Coaches can also help to identify their goals and support them through the transitions that homeschooling brings. 

Enhanced Confidence

Being confident is at the top of most homeschoolers’ lists, but usually takes a long time to cultivate. This is because most moms go through the ups-and-downs without a trusted partner to teach, support, encourage, and empower them along the way.

A homeschool coach helps to build and sustain a mom’s confidence by working together to identify strengths and weaknesses, craft a vision, and use proven strategies to achieve success that complements her family. 

In my experience, homeschool moms who work with coaches feel more confident, happy, and successful long-term. 

How I can help

I have a passion for empowering homeschool moms and have been a homeschool coach since 2019. My holistic and heart-centered coaching style allows me to focus on helping homeschool moms reach their goals with clarity, confidence, and commitment, which benefits them and their families, inside and outside of their homeschools.

I offer individual and group coaching for experienced homeschoolers, as well as a masterclass for new homeschoolers that is a “how to homeschool” and coaching program in one.

Learn more about my coaching offerings by tapping the buttons below.

Have you ever used a homeschool coach? What was your experience? What were the benefits you received? Share in a comment below.

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