My First Homeschool Course is Coming!

Yep, it’s true.

In writing Coming Home, I laid the foundation for what I believe is the first step of homeschooling. If you’ve read my book, you know it’s not the usual suspects like finding your state laws, choosing curriculum, setting schedule, and selecting your child’s best learning style. So, when it came time to share the “next step” of homeschooling, I wanted to cover the “the usual suspects,” but with a big twist. After over a year of hard work, I’m closer than ever to releasing my first homeschool course. 

Empowered Homeschooling For Beginners is a course unlike anything out there, and I know it will do great things for many new homeschoolers. I’ll share more details as I get closer to launch, but, trust me, if you’re thinking about homeschooling, or have been at it for a few years, this is your course.

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Hey, I’m Camille,  The Intuitive Homeschooler!

I’m a wife and mom of three busy kiddos who I’ve homeschooled since 2013. When I’m not homeschooling, gardening, or watching yet another documentary, you can find me writing on this here blog. Oh, and I wrote a book called Coming Home and my first homeschool course comes out soon!

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