Choosing to homeschool is a tough decision. Not knowing where to start makes it even tougher. You can research on the internet, read books, and ask random homeschoolers online where to begin, but very few will give you the actual first steps of homeschooling. Spoiler alert — it has nothing to do with curriculum, schedules, or even your children.

My book, Coming Home, focuses on you, the new, experienced, or veteran homeschool mom, by helping you to prepare your heart, mind, and home for homeschooling. You’ll learn both the personal and practical steps to begin homeschooling the right way, your way, from the start.

Camille Kirksey

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Coming Home | Ebook

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Coming Home Companion Workbook

Simple and easy-to-use, this downloadable, editable, PDF workbook expands on what’s shared in the book, Coming Home. You’ll have room to answer questions, take notes, write plans, and more, all in one place.

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Coming Home Bundle

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Reader Reviews

Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or just in need of a reset, this book has the mix of inspiration and practical tips to motivate you to a fuller homeschool experience for the whole family.I especially loved the prompts to reflect at the end of each chapter and listened to the bonus playlists this weekend when working on some organizing projects. 

Coming Home is a book I will come back to again and again when I need a reminder of why we do this homeschool thing. This concise but mighty volume deserves a space on your homeschooling bookshelf.
If you are new to homeschooling or maybe if you feel like homeschooling is losing its luster, Camille’s book is the encouragement and nudge you didn’t know you needed. There are plenty of homeschooling books out there on the market but this book hits different. This book is about you, about your heart, and your home.

Read the full review from Jess from the blog, We Freeschool
Meet your new favorite thought leader in the homeschooling space. 

Camille’s approach to homeschooling strikes a compelling balance between light-heartedness and strategic, actionable guidance and direction for everyone – from the homeschooling novice to the homeschooling veteran searching for fresh perspectives to apply to an existing framework.

A quick read, concisely packed with information that rivals any big scary homeschooling guide, Coming Home is an essential text for anyone taking the helm of their children’s education.”


Is this book only for new homeschoolers?

No! Originally, it was written with aspiring or new homeschool moms in mind. However, over time, many experienced and veteran homeschool moms have expressed how much it has helped them, too. Coming Home is for all moms regardless of where they are on their homeschool journey.

There are so many “how to homeschool” books out there. What’s different about yours?

Coming Home isn’t a “how to homeschool” book. It’s the essential piece of the homeschool puzzle that’s missing from beginner homeschooling books, videos, courses, and more. It lays out the true first steps of homeschooling to help new homeschool moms find their footing as they set off on their journey into home education.

Coming Home also offers experienced and veteran homeschool moms a fresh perspective when things aren’t working or the support and encouragement they need to keep going.

Regardless of where a mom is on her homeschool journey, Coming Home is a go-to resource that she’ll return to for years to come.

Is your book secular?

Yes! 100 percent secular.

I want my book club to read your book. Would you join us to talk about it?

Sure! You can contact me here.

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