Most Popular Facebook Groups for Michigan Homeschoolers

Homeschooling can feel pretty lonely sometimes, so having a community where you can ask questions, share resources, receive encouragement, and even rant a bit with is an essential part of your success (and sanity preservation) as a homeschooler. Trust me.

Here, I’ve created a list of the most popular homeschooling groups for Michigan-based families because, well, this homeschooling life is such easier when we do it together, right? There’s a little bit here for everyone, hopefully. This is a living list, so I will update it as often as I can to keep things current. If I missed a group, please let me know!

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Note: I am a member of some groups, but not all, so I cannot vouch for the energy within each group. Also, to make sure I provided the most popular groups on Facebook, I made sure that each group has at least 500 members and high engagement. This does not mean smaller groups aren’t awesome; they’re just not included in this list at this time.


michigan homeschoolers-2

Michigan Association of Secular Homeschoolers (M.A.S.H.)

Michigan Homeschool Support

Michigan Unschoolers

Michigan Homeschool Field Trips

Southeast Michigan Homeschoolers 2

West Michigan Homeschoolers

Michigan Secular Homeschoolers

REACH Homeschool Group

Homeschooling in Northern Michigan

Homeschooling in Michigan

Homeschoolers in NW Ohio and SE Michigan

Michigan Homeschool and Unschoolers Unite

Lansing Area Homeschool Families

Michigan Homeschool Families Resource Clearing House

Grand Rapids Area Homeschoolers

Lansing Homeschoolers

Honorable mention: Forest Kids Homeschoolers

I hope you find your tribe. Good luck!





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