What’s Missing in Your Homeschool

You may not realize it, but there’s something missing in your homeschool. Often, it’s something that goes completely unnoticed until one day it hits you like a ton of bricks. What’s this missing thing, you ask?


It’s your voice. Your voice is missing in your homeschool.

The voice I’m referring to is not your literal voice (I’m sure you talk a lot during homeschool time!). I’m talking about your magic — your unique perspective, passions, and gifts that only you bring to the table. We homeschooling mamas are so good at making sure each child’s interests and learning styles are part of the lessons. We take time to find the curricula, rhythm/schedule, and extracurricular activities that work for our children, but we often forget that our own voice a key component in a thriving homeschool.

When your voice is part of your homeschool days, everyone benefits. Your children will get to know a little bit more about you as a person and be exposed to things that they may not have otherwise been exposed to. You get to enjoy sharing yourself a little bit more with your children while doing something you love. Doing so makes homeschooling a more unique, pleasant, and interesting experience that would not be available if you kept academics and other outside influences at the forefront. You are the secret ingredient, Mama!

So if you find that your voice is missing from your homeschool, what can you do?

First, pat yourself on the back for being honest. That’s the first step in making a change. Then, think about what some of your gifts, passions, and interests are that you want to share with your children?  Are you good at painting, knitting, writing, crafting, or cooking? Do you love reading history, working out, or are a master at organizing? Do you want to learn more about your family history, your local government, or what’s happening in another part of the world? Whatever you love to do or are interested in, bring it into your homeschool! For me, music is something I’ve intentionally started sharing with my children during morning time. I play everything from bebop, classical, and 70’s funk to 80’s pop, and 90’s R&B and hip hop. Not only do I play music because I enjoy it and want to encourage a love of music in my children, but because it’s a way to get my mood right for teaching/facilitating. I find that it also shows my babes a little bit more of who I am besides being their mama. Plus, I believe is part of a well-rounded education. There’s just something about music, you know?

Having a homeschool that not only reflects your children’s academic and extracurricular achievements, but also includes your special flavor is where it’s at, Mama. You are what makes this thing go, and not including your awesomeness isn’t an option, ok? Even if your children act like they’re not into whatever you’re doing, inside, they are happy that you took time to show up and share a part of you that they may not have seen before. To me, that’s a lesson worth its weight in gold.





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