How To Remove Permanent Marker From A White Board

Today, my two year old wanted to be like his big brother and use the big white board that we use for homeschool. Unfortunately, he grabbed a permanent instead of a dry erase marker. I didn’t realize any of this was going on until he pulled me over to look at his work. While I loved his little drawing, seeing the white board that we use each homeschool day covered in permanent marker made me freak out a little. And, when I say a little I mean I screeched and said, “Noooooooooooooo!”

Once I regained my composure, I did what any modern day mama would do – I went directly to Pinterest to find a solution. I reviewed several different sites and the consensus was to first mark over the permanent marker with dry erase marker, then wipe with a dry towel. I did that, but there were still, though faint, visible permanent marker lines. I went back to the sites and looked through the comments and found that people suggested using isopropyl alcohol to get the board completely clean.

Voila! I restored our white board and it actually looks better than before. Plus, I found a way to clean it in the future. I also found a new home for our markers far, far away from the little guy.



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