Our Simplified, Daily Homeschool Schedule (Winter 2020)

Happy New Year, friends!

We’re more than half way through January, and I can’t even. Why is time flying by so fast?! I hope your month has been going well. Ours had a ROUGH start with dealing with illnesses and lingering fatigue since the day after Christmas, but we’re finally coming back into wellness and getting back into our daily rhythm. Yay! In this short and sweet post, I wanted to share our daily winter schedule and the new resources that we’ll be using this session.

We homeschool year-round and break our terms up seasonally, so coming into our winter session, I knew that I wanted to make some small changes to the schedule I created last fall. I decided to add a couple of new subjects into my boys’ homeschool lessons and finally start back with others. Given our delayed start, I’m slowly ramping up what we do each week so that eventually we’ll be full-steam ahead with everything. The slow lean into incrementally doing more has been successful for me for many years now, so I’m confident that it’ll work this time as well.

Here are the changes I made for this session:

  • For my youngest son (age 8): I’ve added in logic (two days per week) and typing (daily).
  • For my oldest son (age 12):
    • I’ve added in daily typing and independent non-fiction reading.
    • I’ve also scaled back a bit for him because I felt that he had too much on his plate with homeschool group classes about to start again.
  • We will do science and history together one day a week. To be honest, I’ve been slacking on consistently doing these two subjects, but I’m about to get my life together… I promise. I’ll share what we do in a future blog post.
  • Daily nature walks have been added as well, weather permitting.

Note: Both boys use TypingClub.com for typing lessons. Here’s the logic book my 8-year old is using.

Here’s an overview of their daily schedules:

The dark purple line says, “Typing 10 minutes, daily.”

Did you make any changes in your lesson plans, and if so, what were they? How are your changes working out so far? Let me know in the comments below.

And, as always, happy homeschooling! ❤

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