Group Mentoring

The February homeschool blues are real.

February can be a uniquely difficult month because the homeschooling blues can set in. Maybe you feel like a hamster on a wheel, the days all blending together without seeing much progress. Or, you may know that you want to switch gears but are unsure of how to do it. You may even experience burnout and are ready to throw up your hands and sign the children up for distance learning. These feelings and more can creep in without warning, testing the patience, sanity, and commitment of any homeschool mom, beginners to veterans.

Coming off of 2020, feelings of isolation, lack of creativity, lack of connection, and overall tiredness can be intensified. You need a space to unwind, unload, and receive the type of soulful nourishment that only other homeschool moms can provide.

What’s The Recharge?

The Recharge is a month-long group mentoring program to help homeschool moms like you to not only make it through the dreaded February blues, but to find sustainable ways to recharge your homeschooling batteries by:

  • Receiving guidance from an experienced homeschool mom and mentor
  • Having deep, rich conversations that spark lasting changes
  • Being part of a safe online space where you can ask questions and get real answers
  • Connecting with other likeminded homeschool moms

What’s included?

  • Weekly, live ‘Check-in and Chat with Camille’ for powerful, guided discussion topics based on my book, Coming Home (You do not need to purchase the book to participate, but it’s helpful for following along.)
  • Inspirational and motivational morning weekday messages to set the tone for your day
  • Daily posts to encourage, challenge, and empower your journey
  • A private, exclusive Facebook group for members only

Who is this for?

This program is for homeschool moms who are:

  • At any stage of homeschooling (All experience levels are welcome!)
  • Feeling stressed, lost, overwhelmed, and/or ready to quit homeschooling
  • Open to a fresh perspective on how to approach the homeschooling lifestyle in more nourishing, practical ways
  • Looking to connect with other likeminded homeschool moms

Are you ready to be part of The Recharge?

If you’re ready to thrive this February instead of just survive, then join The Recharge. There are a limited number of spots available, and registration ends on Saturday, January 30, 2021, so don’t delay! The program begins February 1, 2021.

Only $28.00! Click below to secure your spot today.