You’ve made me feel less alone on this journey.  When I began following you, I was just starting to come out of a homeschool rut, where I was questioning if I was even doing a good job.  I’ve learned a lot.  You’ve given me book selections, toy animal suggestions, so much more in between.  I’m grateful to you for sharing so much.  I get a peak into what to expect as my boys grow older. — S.K. Johnson

I appreciate the raw honesty I’ve gotten from you. — Farhana Quayoum

I love that Camille is so real about the joys and struggles of homeschooling. It’s so helpful to see someone further along on this journey making it work for their family. The resources she shares have saved me time and the hassle of trying to find books and curricula myself. — Tomika Velarde

I just want you to know that your posts have been helping me tremendously! Ever since you shared how backing off of your kids and not needing to be all up in their space all the time, I’ve been doing SO well in that area and many more that you posted about. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sis! — Shanika Meeks

I am feeling so understood right now! You are always on time for that much needed word of encouragement and verbal comfort that I am not the only mom who thinks the way that I do and that everything is going to be okay even if things aren’t etched in stone. You are soooo appreciated. #GratefulForYourVoice — Stephany Brooks

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