The Launch Your Homeschool Program

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

The Launch Your Homeschool Program (LYHP) helps you start your homeschool journey with the 4C’s — Confidence, Clarity, Commitment, and a Community.

Being new to homeschooling is challenging to say the least. You can spend many hours and lots of money trying to gain insight into how to start homeschooling the right way and end up even more confused and frustrated than when you started. 

The LYHP takes the guesswork out of where to begin and who to ask to get the real-deal, unapologetic truth of what homeschooling is, is not, and how to make your journey one of the best educational adventures your family will ever take, right from the start.

The Launch Your Homeschool Program membership includes:

✓ Biweekly, live classes that cover homeschool basics + more

✓ Weekly “office hours” where your burning questions and member FAQs are answered

✓ Exclusive, member-only online content + text messages to teach, inspire and motivate you

✓ Access to our exclusive, member-only Facebook community of new homeschoolers just like you 

The Launch Your Homeschool Program is $25.00 per month. You can cancel at any time.

Please note: This program is for new homeschoolers only. Experienced homeschoolers, click here to learn about my one-on-one mentoring program.

Ready to join? 

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