Instagram Takeovers

Since homeschooling families aren’t monolithic, it’s important to see and listen to families from all walks of life. In order to reshape the narrative of the stereotypical homeschool family, the images and voices of those who are rarely seen or heard must be amplified. Allowing these families to takeover my Instagram account for a day is one way I try to change the narrative.

Each family has a unique story that should be heard. Take some time and get to know them. Even though they might present very differently from you initially, you may find how much your families have in common. You may even find yourself inspired along the way.

Click or tap on an image below to be taken to each person’s first post of their takeover day. There are several posts that follow each, so be sure to check out all of them.

If you’re interested in doing a future Instagram Takeover, send me a message with your name, Instagram handle, and tell me why your family’s unique homeschool story should be shared.