Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Daily Schedule | Winter 2022

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Since we homeschool seasonally and January is right around the corner, it’s time to share our winter homeschool plans. I currently homeschool my three children, ages 14, 10, and 7. We are heading into our tenth year of homeschooling, intending to go through high school for all of them. Time will tell if that’s the case, but that’s the plan for now, which plays into how I approach their education paths.

As with all of my homeschool planning through the years, I subscribe to a less is more strategy, which means I cover the basics and anything else is icing on the cake. You can see how it looked last year, and keep reading to see what we’re doing for the next season and why.

Our New Approach

This go-round technology will be my ally, confidant, and BFF. 

I’ve moved away from workbooks to primarily digital, subscription-based resources because I’m embarking on a new career while continuing to grow and hold classes for my latest venture, Homeschool U Academy. Needless to say, I will be  B-U-S-Y in 2023. 

Having everything online, where it’s easier to keep track of lessons and progress, is my main reason for switching to online curricula. I’m also hoping to foster more independence and meet the needs of my 21st-century children by providing resources that are more responsive to dynamic, engaging, and gamified than bookwork. 

We’ll still use physical books when necessary because you know we have to go to the library, but it won’t be as often as we’ll rely more heavily on audiobooks and online reading.

So, for these reasons, moving to mostly digital learning is a no-brainer for us.

Our Curriculum Selections 

So, what are the digital resources we’ll use? I’m glad you asked.

I’ll break it down by child for simplification and clarity purposes. 

B, age 14 – 9th Grade

Here’s what my new high schooler (I still can’t get over that!) is using:

  • Brilliant for math, science, and computer science
  • Independent reading from library books (primarily classics, non-fiction, or historical fiction)
  • Life skills focusing on cooking, applying for and securing a part-time job, working for me part-time, and possibly taking driver’s training

Z, age 10 – 5th grade

Here’s what my youngest son, who has ADHD, is using:

  • A local homeschool nature class for a science elective
  • A local homeschool group for robotics, physical education, wilderness survival, and project-based problem solving
  • EPIC or the library for independent reading
  • Life skills focusing on cooking, being more independent, and following a daily schedule, the latter being essential for his ADHD brain and my sanity (#sorrynotsorry)

A, age 7, Kindergarten/1st grade

Here’s what my daughter, who is autistic, is using:

  • ABC Mouse for math, reading, science, social studies, and art
  • A local homeschool nature class for a science elective
  • A local homeschool group for physical education, outdoor natural learning, cooking, and engineering with Lego 
  • EPIC or the library for independent reading
  • Life skills focusing on becoming more independent with personal care tasks and continuing to learn social skills, e.g. exposure to different places and people to help with social anxiety

Our Schedule

I’ve made one change regarding our homeschool schedule for this session. We’re going back to a four-day schedule, Monday through Thursday for my youngest two and every weekday for my oldest. It feels like the right time to make the switch, you know?

School time will remain between 60-90 minutes per day for my youngest two, while my oldest will spend a bit more time because of his increased workload. Not bad for children ranging from kindergarten to high school.

So, that’s our plan for the winter of 2022. As always, we’ll pivot if necessary, but with a plan in hand, we’re setting ourselves up to win.

What do you have planned for this season of homeschooling? Comment below; I’d love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Daily Schedule | Winter 2022

  1. I love this post. It is amazing to see all the things we do as homeschooling mamas and how fast time goes. I homeschool my son who is in 5th grade. He does have some challenges with social anxiety, but overall does great. We are using The good and the beautiful math 5 as of right now, and Easy Peasy all in one homeschooling for the rest. We definitely take a trip to the library once a week and weather permitting started hiking in different nature parks. My son who is in the 9th grade, but mentally still a kindergartner with severe autism was being homeschooled, however we have placed him in an autism school as he is with complex needs and needs more than what I can help him with. They are both very busy☺️as am I.


    1. Hi, Maritza! Thanks for your comment. Yes, homeschooling parents are so busy, but we learn to take the chaos in stride, right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t do what we do so well! Having children with special needs adds more to our plates, but we’ll do whatever we need to for our babies. I love how you gave yourself permission to do what each child needed. That’s a big deal! Keep me posted on your homeschool journey, ok? I’d love to follow along.

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