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The Gifts I Got My Kids for Christmas, and How We’ll Use Them In Our Homeschool

A few weeks ago, I shared my holiday gift guide to give you some ideas and inspiration for individual and family gifts that could be used as part of your homeschool. Today, I’m sharing the gifts my children will receive for Christmas that will be used in our homeschool. I’ll also share how I anticipate we’ll use them.

Sometimes, homeschool mamas can look at the gifts their children receive for the holidays as separate from school, and I hope the gift guide and today’s post help to bust that myth. Children learn through different mediums, so expanding the lens of what constitutes curriculum benefits them greatly. Here’s to multipurpose items that can be tools of learning, both inside and outside of homeschool time!

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I follow the 4-gift rule for Christmas where each child gets:

  1. Something they need
  2. Something they want
  3. Something to read, and
  4. Something to wear.

For the purposes of this post though, I’ll only cover up to three rules, Need, Want, and/or Read, since they are the most relevant to homeschooling.

What I got my almost 13-year old son

Something He Wants

My oldest son is into gaming, coding, and all things S.T.E.A.M. and wants to build his own computer. As he gets older, I want to support his interests even more than before, so I thought getting a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit would be a great start. I also got him his own keyboard to use with it.

He’ll use this as the foundation of many homeschool lessons next year and beyond. I’m leaning toward unschooling for high school, so if he’s serious about going into the coding field, this gift will be a great start.

Something to Read and What He Wants

My son has the rest of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so, of course, he wants the latest book to add to his collection. If he wants to read this book during school, we’d use a novel study like this for language arts lessons. He may even do a book review where he’d not only review the book but record, edit, and upload it on YouTube as a cross-curricular lesson.

What I got my almost 9-year old son

Something He Wants

My youngest son loves to draw, so this gift is a no-brainer. I anticipate he’ll use this as “scrap paper” for math problems, a place to doodle while listening to our latest read aloud, or to practice different art techniques during art time. This little gadget will be used all the time, both inside and out of homeschool, for sure.

Something to Read

Becoming an even more fluent reader is my goal for my youngest son, so I make sure to include books that he likes to read, even if they’re not considered educational aka twaddle. We could use a novel study for these as well. He loves the Teen Titans TV series, so I hope that he enjoys the books, too.

What I got my almost 6-year old daughter

Something She Needs

My daughter is going on six-years old, but she’s on her own time when it comes to certain developmental milestones. She’s just now interested in drawing and writing letters, so I think this mat will be a hit. I’ll pull it out for her to practice proper pencil grasp, writing her letters, using stencils, and more.

Something She Wants

I always have a fresh pack of Color Wonder books for her to use during read alouds, while car-schooling, and as an activity to keep her busy while helping her brothers or whenever she’s bored. It’s also a great way to work on pencil grasp, focus and concentration, fine motor skills, hand strength, and so much more.

Something to Read

I’ve mentioned before that my daughter has a speech disorder, so reading to her has been a very important way to help her learn to speak. She loves Peppa Pig and also wants to learn to read, so I’ll use the books to help her with her speech along with word repetition and recognition.

Gifts to Share

In addition to the individual gifts the children receive, they also get gifts to share. This year’s gifts are nature-themed and will provide lots of fun, interesting, and educational opportunities.

I’ll bring in different library books on astronomy and backyard birds to use with the telescope and bird feeder. It’ll also be fun to receive a new National Geographic Kids magazine in the mail each month to learn about animals, science, technology, archaeology, geography, and pop culture. I know these will prompt fantastic and rich conversations.

I hope seeing the gifts my children will receive for Christmas, and some ways we’ll use them in homeschool, inspires you to choose and use gifts to think outside the curriculum for awesome ways to encourage learning. Happy Holidays, friends!

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