It Might Be Time to Shake Up Your Homeschool. Why & How To Do It + A BIG Sale This Weekend!

A few months ago I knew our homeschool was in for change. I didn’t know when, but I felt it coming. It may have had something to do with the pandemic, but it felt like it was just time to move into a new way of learning together. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I trusted my feelings as they always seem to steer me in the right direction.

Over the years, I’ve found that trusting myself as a homeschooler is imperative, especially when it comes to feeling like it’s time for a change. Knowing when to shift into the next stage doesn’t always come with the children getting older. Sometimes the days start feeling longer, a bit mundane, and like something is off or missing.

So, what do you do when things feel stale and a breath of fresh air is needed, but time off isn’t going to cut it? Let me share what we’re doing.

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Beginning in December, we’re going to pause our regular curriculum and designate different topics on different days throughout the month and into January. This will give us the change of pace we need, provide some different opportunities to dive deeper into topics we love, and to try new things at the same time.

Here’s the preliminary schedule we’re going to try:

  • Monday – STEAM + Nature Walk
  • Tuesday – Art + Gameschool
  • Wednesday – Passion Project + Nature Walk
  • Thursday – Field trip or Movie + Discussion/Project
  • Friday – Homeschool Group
  • Daily – Group Read Aloud + Individual Reading

No workbooks, book-based, or online curriculum (outside of homeschool group requirements.) This will be different for us, but a way to do something new while still learning together. It’ll be more work upfront for me, but I believe it’ll be worth it. I’ll assess if we should continue past January closer to the end of that month. I’ve talked to my boys about it, and they’re on board, so I’m excited!

Here are some of the books I pulled from our bookshelves and borrowed from the library that will serve as inspiration.

I figure that these should get us started. 😉 We also have games like Labyrinth, Ticket to Ride, and Uno and lists of movies to watch waiting for us as well. I’ll also use this post for field trip ideas. I’ll share how things are going here, but make sure to follow me on Instagram, if you’re not already, for more real time updates.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up. When you’re deeply connected to yourself, your children, and your goals for homeschooling, making big changes will come naturally and easily. You know what to do, Mama!

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