Homeschool Holiday Gift Guide from a Seasoned Homeschool Mom

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means answering the inevitable question: “What do I get for the kids?” Most of us moms have a good idea of what our kids want or need, and that makes buying for them super simple. But, sometimes we need a little inspiration or ideas to share with the grandparents, aunts and uncles, or others who want to buy them (or even the family) a gift but aren’t quite sure what to get.

At the same time, wouldn’t it be cool if some of those gifts could used as part of your homeschool, too? Hey, why not? Over the years, I’ve asked for gifts that meet this need, and I don’t regret it one bit. Everyone has ended up happy with their presents, and the gifts lasted longer than a couple of days.

This gift guide is a mix of fun, educational, and tried-and-true suggestions that can be used for homeschooling and beyond. We’ve used or done all of these at one time in our homeschool, and I only recommend what we enjoyed. There’s truly something for everyone and for whatever holidays you celebrate.

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Local Memberships

I’ve written about local memberships being great gifts before, and I stand behind my previous thoughts. Purchasing or receiving memberships to local places are where it’s at, especially for homeschoolers. While it may be difficult to be out and about like you normally are this year, I think it still makes a lot of sense to have a membership for when we’re able to be back in these streets.

Board, Card, & Video Games

Using games in our homeschool has been a constant. Gameschooling, whether board, card, or video game, offers a great way to learn together while having fun! You can’t beat that combo. By the way, asking for a gift card for the family or for each person would be a great way to build your gaming inventory, too!

Art Supplies & Puzzles

Art supplies and puzzles are must have in my homeschool, as they are in many other homeschools. They always make great gifts that get tons of use in and outside of the homeschool day.


Do you use (or want to try) subscription services like Netflix, Kiwi Crate, or National Geographic magazine in your homeschool? If so, why not give or ask for them as gifts for the holidays? There are so many options to choose from nowadays! Subscriptions are a fun way to offer different ways to learn and often breaks up the monotony of the everyday.


Our main homeschool work isn’t on electronics, but we use them to complement how we learn. Besides using computers and TVs for learning, I like to use the kids’ Kindle Fires with FreeTime to read books or watch educational videos and an Amazon Echo to play background music, set timers for breaks, and to answer the occasional random question. 😉

Books and DVDs 

While I try to get most of the books we read from the library and use streaming services for what we watch, there are some books and DVDs that we love so much that we purchased them. For books, I head to Better World Books first to see if I can snag what I’m looking for at a great price. For everything else, Amazon is the next best place for finding specific books or DVDs for a good price.

I hope this list of gives you some ideas on great gifts to give and receive that can help you in your homeschool. What else would you add? Let me know in the comments.

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