Hey, Homeschool Mama. Listen Up! We’re All Doing Our Best, and That $#!% IS Good Enough.

Yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook about how Black women are magical, beautiful, and wonderful creatures, but can be MEAN, and should, at times, soften our tone, attitude, and energy. I don’t disagree that Black women, including myself, can and should make more of an effort to do this, specifically with the people we love the most because those are the ones who are most hurt by our words and actions. As a Black woman, I understand the dynamics we have come from, historically-speaking, and the circumstances we still face today, which would make anyone, regardless of race, culture, or gender, want to holler.

Inevitably, this makes me think about how I approach everyday life with my children, especially when it comes to homeschooling. I know that I set the tone for their days, and often it’s a very real challenge to stay pleasant, upbeat, engaged, and patient with them. Doesn’t every homeschool mom struggle with this at times? It may happen even more often for those of us who feel emotions strongly and act on them without much thought due to feeling overwhelmed, afraid, or just plain tired. We can come off as short-tempered, curt, and “over it” even when all we want to do is show empathy, kindness, and love in every moment. The truth is that’s just not the reality of being a human being, and you know what? That’s alright with me.

While I’d love to be the example of all things good and right in the world for my children, that’s just not possible. It’s not even “goals” over here, ok? So, what is “goals?”

Being a fully-flawed human who expresses her emotions, even if they’re not politically correct or perhaps harmful at times. I want my children to see that I’m a real person who is trying my best, and that I work to give others the grace I’d like to receive in return.

I’ll always work to be better, but, in this moment and in the moments where I mess up, and those are plentiful, I am literally doing my best. It may not be good enough for some, but it’s going to have to be. Being a flawed human being is not an anomaly; flawed humans literally make up 100% of the population. Women, even homeschooling mamas, are allowed to be flawed, too.

So, Mama: Take solace in knowing that even if your best doesn’t seem good enough, it is. How can I say this with certainty? Because us homeschool moms are hard on ourselves even though we are literally pushing ourselves and our kids to be the best we can be at almost all times. This is a blessing (and maybe a curse) that you don’t always recognize, but I see it in myself, and I see it in you. Why else would you be here reading this blog post? Seeee? 😉

Cut yourself some slack, Mama. We are all doing our best even in the crazy year that is 2020. It’s good enough. We are good enough, and that’s that.

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