My New Ebook is Out Today!

Today is the day, friends!

My new ebook, Coming Home: A Quick & Practical Guide for Preparing a Mother’s Heart, Mind, & Home for Homeschooling is now available for purchase. I can’t even believe it! I feel like a new mom again, filled with a mix of pride, anxiety, and a whole lotta love.

Whether you’re a new homeschooler, been at it for some years, are somewhere in between, or not even a homeschool mom (hello to the dads and non-homeschoolers out there!), I’ve been told that this book is for you. I truly hope it reaches, teaches, and inspires you and many, many others forevermore.

Purchase Coming Home, the ebook and/or companion workbook separately or as a bundle, as well as read some 100% honest reviews by early readers, by clicking the image below.

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