How Having Your Own Passion Projects Helps Your Homeschool

Y’all. I have been a busy little bee over here. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m approaching a new decade in my life (*cough* my 40s *cough*) or what, but I’ve felt the need to get my WHOLE, ENTIRE life together quick, fast, and in a hurry. I’ve been so focused on getting and keeping my marriage, children, and home on track that I pushed my passions to the side. I recently talked about how we can’t lose ourselves in homeschooling, and that post struck a chord with many homeschooling mamas; this one included. I knew that pouring from an empty cup was something I’d done in the past and wasn’t ever going to do again, so I knew it was time to take action. It was time for me to fill my cup and that meant choosing to pursue my passions with as much energy and effort as I’d given to everything and everyone else. No more being a sacrificial lamb. Welp. Those days are over! Mama is ready to go, and I’m sharing what I’ve been working on with you guys.

These personal projects are from my heart and will definitely fill my cup enough to create an overflow. Being that fulfilled can only spill over into my homeschool, which will benefit my children even more than what I’ve been doing all along. Don’t they deserve a WHOLE mama? Don’t they need to see me doing me and living a full life, OUTSIDE of them? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience to know that their mom has her own interests, passions, and fulfillment because *ahem* she’s a person too? Ummm.. an emphatic YES on all fronts! Our children need to see this type of living, and we can be their best examples. How you doin’ with that, mama? That question isn’t to offend, but to ignite or flame a fire in you. If you were like me, trying to pour from an empty cup, it’s time to turn the tables. You’re worth it! And, maybe my new projects will help you do it.

Introducing Bloom Homeschool Mentoring and IRL Homeschool Collective!

Both projects were born from a passion for helping homeschooling mamas not only find what helps them successfully homeschool their children, but to empower, encourage, and support them along the way. Let me explain a little bit about each project.

Bloom Homeschool Mentoring was created to serve future and new homeschooling parents. Being new to the homeschooling world can be lonely, overwhelming, frustrating, and downright scary. Having an experienced homeschool mama help with getting started and navigating the first few years of homeschooling can be a beacon of light! Find out more about mentoring here. You can also follow Bloom Homeschool Mentoring on Instagram for daily homeschool tips, inspiration, and more.

IRL (In Real Life) Homeschool Collective is a virtual space for connecting and amplifying the real life voices of homeschooling mamas. The stories and posts shared will make you laugh, cry, think, and, most importantly, feel seen, heard, and understood. Is that even possible in this day and age? You better believe it is.

Be sure to follow IRL Homeschool Collective on Instagram, and use #irlhomeschoolcollective for a chance to be featured on this page!

Now, don’t worry. This little blog isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I want to make it more of a central space outside of Instagram and Facebook for the community of homeschooling mamas I’ve been building all of these years. I’m still working on that, but I’ll let you all know once it’s in place. For now, I hope you’ll check out and support my new “babies” in these internet streets. It’ll mean the world to me.

Happy homeschooling! <3

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