The Real Reasons Black Parents Are Choosing To Homeschool | Part Five

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The fifth series installment introduces you to four, yes FOUR, unschooling mamas, who are passionate about interest-led learning.  By allowing their children to be in the driver’s seat of their education, everyday is an adventure and they’re all enjoying the ride.




Ashley Marshall-Seward from Mommy Week

Wife | Mom of 3 | Unschooler | Homeschooling for 12 years

“When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I did so much research. At the young age of 22, I got into all things natural. I wanted the best start for him. We had a natural birth, I breastfed, he’s not vaccinated, (none of my children are), and I decided on homeschooling. It simply fit our family goals and our lifestyle.

My children are now ages 12 (13 in three weeks), 11, and 8, and over the years I feel more confirmation for mine and my husband’s choices that we made way back several years ago. There were no options of schools in our neighborhood that I felt like were up to par with what we wanted for our children. I see schools as “indoctrination stations.” Everyone learns the same things, everyone thinks the same way, and everyone is graded on how well they can memorize concepts. I am raising free thinkers.

My family practices unschooling, which is interest-based child-led learning. Nothing is forced in my home, and my children are self-starters and explorers. They have so many ideas for their future. They also want to follow in mine and their father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Learning can be found in everything, and it’s simply part of our lives. We don’t even have a separation between life and school. Education is a lifelong journey.”




Karla Marie Williams from Unschooling the Sensational Six

Wife | Mom of 6 | Unschooler | Homeschooling for 10 years

“I homeschool because no one is more vested in the future of my children than I am. Homeschooling allows me to tap into my children’s individual brilliance and spend time encouraging them and helping them reach their full potential. I love that I get a front row seat to the the unfolding of who they become. Our learning does not happen at certain times of the day, days of the week or seasons of the year. It happens all day, every day simply through living and following their interests and delight.

I homeschool because it is the best choice for my 6 children!”



Anjel Berry from Imagimatics

Wife | Mom of 5 | Homeschooling for 8 years

“We homeschool because it offers us freedom and flexibility for our entire life, but learning specifically. We can learn when, how, and what we want — on our own terms. Learning just happens, curiosity isn’t crushed, and my children are able to take full advantage of growing up in a digital world.”




Jaleesa Smith from Speak the Lees

Single Mom | Mom of 1 | Homeschooling for 4 years

“We began homeschooling in 2015. In 2017, I decided to let my child attend a Chicago public school while homeschooling part-time. The main purpose of allowing my child to attend the public school was solely for socialization with other children. However, by being a parent volunteer and seeing the lack of motivation and effort by the teachers, I knew homeschooling would be the best choice for my child.

Some of the advantages I’ve found through homeschooling are that I can create our lessons and teach the things that I want my child to learn. The lessons promote curiosity, creativity, research, self-identity, and hands-on learning. My child’s interests and talents are taken into consideration. So far, we’ve learned so much through unit studies on topics such as the water cycle, Egyptian pyramids, American Civil Rights Movement, and coding. My child even has domestic and international pen pals to not only learn about different cultures, but also to practice writing and typing skills as well as how the post office and mailing system works. Homeschooling has been great for digging deep into subjects that are of interest.

There also are many challenges that are not always shared about homeschooling. As a single parent with limited support, it can sometimes be hard for me to give my child the full educational experience due to limited resources, finances, or transportation. But I don’t let that stop me. Gandhi said it best: “There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” I am not in the business of rising a fine fool. My child will not be someone who has everything arranged, that is forlorn and is incapable of their own ideas. I am the parent of an empowered, self-motivated, free thinker, and I am doing all I can to ensure my child remains that way.”



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